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SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is a company strictly bound to the world of design and based on Carlo Santambrogio’s will to realize exclusive projects, unique pieces suitable for all aspects of daily life.

SANTAMBROGIOMILANO got to the idea of creating SIMPLICITY through a conceptual journey taking Carlo Santambrogio in contact with a world making of simplicity a reason of life : from AG Franzoni to Carlo Scarpa, from Claudio Silvestrin to Ennio Arosio, with whom Carlo started a significant collaboration and worked for various projects up to the creation of SIMPLICITY, designed by Ennio Arosio.

The idea to use glass for the SIMPLICITY is just a consequence of what said above : glass is a very common material, very used in daily life, but interpreted in a unique way, with the use of the best kind of glass available on the market in terms of transparency and brightness, characterized by significant thickness of 30 mm. to comunicate richness and status, and treated with particular technical processes to grant the utmost safety. And all this taking always into consideration the uniqueness of each single piece realised : though our pieces could be also standardized, our main purpose is to realize complex projects, in which our pieces, though maintaining their function, are always different in shape, dimensions and finishing.

SIMPLICITY has no limits as far as dimensions, colour and finishing are concerned : the designer can give each time his personal interpretation to SIMPLICITY to realize his project.

SIMPLICITY is the expression of a particular way of living spaces, where furniture elements do not dominate space but are in symbiosis with it, though maintaining their strong personality: a concept until now applied mainly in architecture rather than in interior design.

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